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Freck’s New Feet

Oh, memories.  Freck, you son of a bitch you.  I love to hate to love you.  Know what I mean?  I know Michael does, but does anyone else?  Well you should.  I, like many others, was a frequent visitor to http://www.cutoffmyfeet.com.  Why?  Because Paul Morgan, aka Freck, made a promise to me.  Don’t bother trying to go to the previously mentioned site as it has been inactive for some years now.  Thank God for the Web Archive.   I’ll let him explain this one.

On August 24, 1986, Paul Morgan’s life was forever changed.   He was in an accident which left him paralyzed.  Paul and several of his friends had been out boating that day.  They were on their way home, pulling the boat on a trailer behind the truck.  Paul fell out of the back of the truck and was run over by the boat trailer they were towing.  He spent 3 months in and out of hospitals.

Oh man, that sounds terrible.  Do go on…

Paul Morgan is a man who desperately wants to lead a normal life again.  When the accident first happened, the technology was not available for that to happen.  While the technology is now available for Paul to lead a better life, the financial burden would be much more than he could afford .

Since Paul is on Medicare/Medicaid, his insurance will not cover the amputation and new prosthetics because it is not deemed a necessary procedure.  Paul also receives medical disability and his Medicare plan does not even cover the cost of his catheter bag.  Paul doesn’t want to fight a no-win battle with the insurance and medical communities in the United States.

I hear you man.  Well, what are you going to do then?

Paul and his friend, Kevin Nicholson, came up with the idea to charge internet access and cut off Paul’s feet on the internet.

cutmarks on feet?

cut marks on foot?

What?  Why?  How?

A location has been secured to build the guillotine.  The building of the guillotine has started and the process will take a few days to several weeks… and if you are a member of Freck’s World you can watch him build the guillotine, step by step, via streaming video!

Frecks Freakin Guillotine

frecks guillotine

Oh, a guillotine.  Right.  That’s really fucked up Freck.

Needless to say, I loved this idea.  Michael and I, being roommates at the time, were definitely all for Paul Morgan slicing his own feet off.  We never paid our 19.95 to see it live, and I’m glad we didn’t.

Freck never went through with it.  I’m not really sure what he ended up doing about his feet, but I sure as hell don’t care.  You can see his site here now, not sure for how long though.  Enjoy while you can!

R.I.P. Frecks Feet

R.I.P. Frecks Feet

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9 Responses to “ Freck’s New Feet ”

  1. Ah yes. Mr. Freck.

    This was almost certainly the very first internet hoax both James and I came across. Might it have been one of the purveyors of internet hoaxes?

    It was funny how much time we spent talking about Freck and that site. I can’t remember exactly when we realized that it was a motherf’ing sham.

    Remember the guest book, and all of the pissed off people, some who paid and some who didn’t? That too was probably one of the first “flame wars” we came across.

    Well, in spite of all of that hype, I agree with James when he says that he’s glad we didn’t pay our $19.95.

    I’d like to think too that that experience paved the way for us to be able to cut through the bullshit that is so many things on the internet.

    Thanks Freck.

  2. Hmm. I think I remember one of yall saying something about that at some point. I have to admit, I never really knew about this though.

  3. [...] announces that he’s going to chop off his feet with a homemade guillotine on Halloween, and Webcast the deed on the Internet before paying customers at CutOffMyFeet.com. He [...]

  4. [...] announces that he’s going to chop off his feet with a homemade guillotine on Halloween, and Webcast the deed on the Internet before paying customers at CutOffMyFeet.com. He [...]

  5. I read about this in the newspaper, and I saved the article. I forgot all about it, until today I was looking in a cupboard for a black sharpie and I rediscovered the clipping. I went looking on-line to see if anything ever came of his audacious claim, and that’s how I discovered this blog. So I guess he never did it.

  6. I’m from London and stumbled across his website way back when. I actually brought the story to the attention of a well known talk radio station presenter. Subsequently Freck was interviewed live on air.

  7. Great Stuff, do you have a myspace account?

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